A Shameless, Self-Serving Plug for GlobaFone

I am mindful that you don’t want to read sales pitches, preferring to learn more about the satellite communications industry and I fulfill that in almost every other blog post (and will with a life-saving story later today!).  However, this morning I have to share with you the difference between a full-service satellite provider and  providers who sell at the ‘lowest price’.

GlobaFone took over a client’s Iridium service several years ago and sent out replacement SIM cards.  Friday at 4:45 (when else?), we received a call from our contact that he had a user far away, overseas who needed Iridium service ASAP.  But since he had not swapped SIM cards he still had the old provider’s SIM in the phone.  I saw three options:

1)    We request Iridium port the number (which is not done)

2)    We ship a SIM card to this far-away land; Three days and $175

3)    We re-activate the olds SIM card with GlobaFone as the client

Option 1 is out since there is no number porting.  Option 2 is not favorable because we are then subject to a number of unknowns: the shipping company, weather, customs, etc.

So I called the old provider, explained the situation, threw down a credit card and re-activated the SIM card.  Our client needed service and this was the fastest possible way for me to make that happen.  Will it be profitable?  Probably not?  Will my General Manager kick me for running an unprofitable SIM card?  Probably.  But the client needed service ASAP.  I couldn’t think of another way to meet the clients’ need faster and with less hassle for him.

So here’s the question:

Will your lowest cost provider do something outrageous like this for you?  Or would they tell you ‘tough luck’ or recite some policy or tell you all the things that cannot be done?  I’m pretty sure they would not call a competitor and activate a SIM card for you.  In fact I assure you they would not; rather they would do what is in THEIR best interest, not yours.  After all, why do you think you get phones in boxes from ‘lowest-cost’ providers?

This creative solution demonstrates (again!) why at GlobaFone you are a client with us, not just a customer.

What has your lowest cost provider done for you lately?