Local Numbers

Local Numbers enable people who don’t have international dialing to call your Iridium satellite phone directly.  It’s simple: dial the local number and your Iridium phone will ring.  If you dial directly into an Iridium phone, your rates can cost $4.00, $5.00, even $6.00 per minute and we’ve seen them as high as $9.00/minute.   Add Local Number Now

Local numbers save you from these high costs and having to understand the two-stage dialing pattern.  Local numbers are a great convenience, and even a necessity. 

Here’s some more info:

  • Local numbers cost $6.00/month and come in nearly any area code in the US
  • Adding a local number means family, friends and colleagues can easily call you
  • There is an inbound call charge to your phone

Set-up time takes anywhere from a few hours to a few days, depending on demand and activation volume.

Add Local Number Now or call us today to find out more – 603-433-7232.


Thuraya XT Dual SIM

Thuraya leads the industry again with the new XT-DUAL SIM.  This phone was designed specifically for the road-warrior, globe-trotter who needs a professional phone with true global connectivity. Its advanced intelligence uses GSM or the Thuraya satellite network – whichever is available and has been engineered to switch between networks as they are available.

Simply insert your GSM SIM card and activate the Thuraya service if your choice and away you go!  Walk and talk anywhere in the Thuraya footprint; you can even use the phone plugged into a docking station while on the move.  Full functionality is yours!  In addition, the TX DUAL SIM provides these features:

Certified to perform in tough environments –

  • Thuraya XT-DUAL holds an IP64/IK03 ingress protection rating, which means the phone is splash water, dust and shock proof. Polycarbonate materials are used for the outside case and aluminum to shield the inside components.

Satellite internet on-the-go –

  • For convenience, the Thuraya XT-DUAL has a built-in browser and can also be connected to a PC or laptop to use satellite data.

Glare resistant display –

  • The advanced glare resistant display of Thuraya XT-DUAL, with its high contrast menu, allows for easy readability in direct sunlight, no matter how bright the conditions.

Supported by a powerful satellite network –

  • Thuraya’s powerful satellite network covers two-thirds of the globe, keeping you connected at all times.

GSP 1700 battery

GSP 1700 Battery

Delivers ample power to the GSP-1700 satellite phone. Provides 4 hours talk time, 36 hours standby time. High-capacity Lithium-ion technology with integrated circuitry protects against short circuits and overcharging.  The battery can be recharged while in the phone using the GWC-1700 Wall Charger or GVC-1700 Vehicle Charger, or in the GAC-1700 Auxiliary Battery Charger (all sold separately).


  • 4 hours talk time, 36 hours stand by
  • High-capacity Lithium-ion technology
  • Integrated circuitry protects against short circuit and overcharge conditions
  • UL recognized and CE certified
  • Meets environmental directives WEEE compliant

Use of any accessories not approved by Globalstar will invalidate the phone warranty and may be dangerous. All specifications subject to change without notice.

Operating Temperature

-20 to +50° C
-4 to +140° F Storage


-20 to +50° C
-4 to +122° F

Output Current

1500 mA

Initial Capacity

2500 mAh

Iridium Local 10 Service Plan -$50/month!

Iridium satellite service is great but….

  • What if you only need to make a few phone calls each month? 
  • What if your agency doesn’t have international dialing on cell phones or land lines? 
  • And calling into an iridium phone can cost upwards of $6.00/minute. 
  • And costly is it to administer and pay an invoice for a couple of phone calls?

Those problems are all gone with the Local 10 plan only found at GlobaFone.

The Local 10 plan combines monthly Iridium service, some airtime and a local phone number s people can easily cal your phones. 

Here’s what is included in the Local 10 plan:

  1. Your monthly Iridium satellite service access
  2. 10 outbound calling minutes to an Iridium phone, land-line or cell phone
  3. 10 outbound texts – 140 characters each
  4. A locally-based phone number for calling into your Iridium phones.  This is really important because if you dial direct, your long distance provider will charge you up to $6.00/minute. Calling in on the local number costs $1.49/minute, one-fourth the price of dialing direct!

The Local 10 saves you money, time and resources:

  • Monthly service that may be less expensive than your existing provider
  • 10 minutes of outbound calls – a value of +$13.00
  • 10 outbound texts – a value of +$6.00
  • Significant savings off of phone company long distance call charges
  • Cost savings off the price of two-stage dialing, which you have to use if you don’t have international dialing on your land lines or cell phones
  • Time and resource savings from processing three or four dollar invoices for a couple minutes of calls –  how much does it cost your organization to issue a check?

The Local 10 plan can save you upwards of $20.00/month!  That’s $240.00/year and nearly $1,000.00 annually for every four phones you have.  If you have just 20 phones you can save $5,000 a year!  AND admin time!

How much will you save if you have 50 or 100 phones?

Call us now to discuss the Local 10 plan for your agency.  603-433-7232

NOTE: Corporate clients, non-profit organizations and individual users – Please contact East Coast SatCom to discuss your satellite service programs+1-603-346-4184

GS9600 Satellite hotspot

With the Globalstar Sat-Fi GS9600 satellite hotspot and a Globalstar satellite phone, you can use your existing Wi-Fi enabled devices to send email and post to social media over the newest, most modern satellite network. Whether you are on land or at sea, maintain reliable connectivity when beyond cellular coverage. Experience the industry’s fastest MSS data speeds, with the best service pricing.

Globalstar has a GSA contract under which government users (that can buy off of GSA) can save 20% on the cost of the  all hardware.  As a STAR dealer, GlobaFone can sell under Globalstar’s GSA contract.

Corporate, non-profits and individual clients: Please contact our sister company East Coast SatCom for Globalstar products and services. +1603-346-4184.

Why the GS9600 is a great device:

  • Uses the industry’s fastest data speeds, allowing you to send more in less time, saving airtime costs
  • Light weight and small enough to fit in your pocket, with 4 hours of rechargeable battery life
  • No additional cost, uses your existing Globalstar airtime plan minutes
  • Send email, photos and other attachments when beyond cellular, or make updates to your social media accounts


And so easy to use:

  1. Download and install the Globalstar Sat-Fi TM App to your smartphone or wireless device
  2. Turn on your Globalstar satellite phone and connect it to the Globalstar GS9600 satellite hotspot
  3. Connect your smartphone or wireless device to the Globalstar GS9600
  4. Your smartphone or wireless device is now connected for email and data



Globalstar SAT-FI satellite hotspot

With the Globalstar Sat-Fi satellite hotspot you can use your existing Wi-Fi enabled devices to send and receive calls, email and SMS text messages over the newest, most modern satellite network. Whether you are on land or at sea, you can connect up to 8 Sat-Fi users to maintain reliable connectivity when beyond cellular coverage with one Sat- Fi device. Experience the industry’s best voice quality and the fastest data speeds, all at a very affordable price.

Install Sat-Fi in your EOC, shelter-in-place, a ship or small vessel, even your emergency vehicles and enjoy the industry’s most modern satellite network, offering clear voice and the fastest data speed on any MSS network.

Sat-Fi is ideal for government users working or traveling beyond the range of cellular service provider, or when cellular services and land lines are not available.

Globalstar has a GSA contract under which government users (that can buy off of GSA) can save 20% on the cost of the GSP-1700 and all hardware.  As a STAR dealer, GlobaFone can sell under Globalstar’s GSA contract.