Thuraya IP 1 close view

Thuraya IP +

When you are deployed or deploy your agency's teams, keeping them connected to the agency network is a crucial component for daily operations. So no matter where you are, with Thuraya IP, access to the network is as easy as it gets. Thuraya IP can be a useful tool for:

    • Government users: individuals or teams
    • Agency deployments or remote work spaces
    • Small teams setting up a temporary office
    • Government-based emergency planners
    • First responders
    • Law enforcement

The Thuraya IP+ offers you and your teams:

  • Broadband connectivity of up to 444 kbps
  • Guaranteed quality of service of up to 384 kbps on demand for bandwidth-hungry applications
  • Video streaming
  • Video conferencing
  • Intranet access (VPN)
  • Email and messaging
  • Send and receive large files
  • E-commerce capability

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