Iridium Post-Paid Satellite Phone Service

Iridium Post-Paid Satellite Phone Service lets you pay for your satellite phone on a monthly basis. 

Iridium satellite phone service works anywhere in the world since Iridium has real global coverage.  Rotate or extend the antenna and turn on your satellite phone when you have a clear view of the sky -  keep in mind the more of the sky you can see, the better the phone will work.  (If you want to use your phone indoors, call us to discuss one of our docking stations.) 

Your phone will quickly register on the network, enabling you to make and receive calls, send text messages, and if you want, connect to your laptop or tablet to send and receive data. Keeping in touch while 'off the grid' has never been easier!

GlobaFone offers four plans:

  1. Basic; Monthly service plus call charges as used
  2. Basic 10: Monthly service and 10 minutes of outbound calls and 10 outbound texts (to land-line or cell phones, not other satellite phone networks)
  3. Standard: Your monthly subscription includes 20 minutes of outbound calls. You can pay for this annually and have 240 minutes to use anytime during the year.  Sorry, no rollover.
  4. Local 10: Monthly service, 10 minutes outbound calls, 10 outbound texts (as above) and a locally-based phone number (area code permitting)

Download the GlobaFone Iridium Agreement for GSA clients

Download the GlobaFone Iridium Agreement for States or Non-Profit Organizations

NOTE: Corporate clients, non-profit organizations and individual users - Please contact East Coast SatCom to discuss your satellite service programs+1-603-346-4184

We can create custom inclusive and pooled minute plans for government clients.

price: Call for Price USD

This is a post-paid Iridium SIM card, active for one year, calls will be billed as used.  We will include a stick-on label with the phone number for your phone. 

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