Iridium 150 minute Pre-Paid Sim card

This Iridium 150 minute Pre-Paid Sim card that can be used for voice, data or text. 

Iridium satellite phone service works anywhere on the planet - the only truly fully global network.  Just turn on your phone and rotate the antenna to the clear view of the sky.  Within a minute or so, your phone will be registered to the network and you'll be ready to make and receive calls, send text messages and if you want connect to your laptop or tablet to send and receive data.  This is a great way to keep in touch when you are 'off the grid'.  

150 minutes equals 9,000 units.  Calls and data are billed in 20 unit increments, texts are billed as 140 characters equals 60 units.

NOTE: Corporate clients, non-profit organizations and individual users - Please contact East Coast SatCom to discuss your satellite service programs+1-603-346-4184

price: $295.00 USD

This is a pre-paid Iridium Sim card with 150 minutes of airtime. – Includes a stick-on label with the phone number for your phone.

  • 150 minutes of airtime
  • Counted as 9,000 units
  • Voice and data service counted in 20 unit increments
  • Text counted as 60 units per 140 character text
  • Includes three 60 day cumulative rollover periods when service is renewed before expiry
  • Expiry alerts sent 30 days prior to expiration date
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