ASE Docking Station for 9505A

Here is a great solution for using your 9505A Iridium satellite phone indoors! Dock your Iridium phone in the docking station and access satellite communications via standard analog phones or your company’s PBX. When you need to leave the office, just undock your handset and take it with you. Never be out of touch again!

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The ASE 9505A docking station kit includes the dock, an AC and a DC charger, user manual and GlobaFone support.

– RJ11 Connection for analog phones
– Hands-free connection for privacy
– Data connection via the RS232 connector
– Smart dialing: The dock automatically knows the correct dialing sequence. No more ‘+’ or ’00’ dialing
– Built in ringer; choose your volume
– Power options: Works on both AC and DC power (power cords included)
– Antenna options: Works with a variety of antennas – magnetic mount, fixed mast, passive and active. We can help you choose what you need.

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