As Rosanne Rosannadanna Used to Say….

Yes that’s my tribute to Saturday Night Live (a week late) so next week look for an Oscars reference. If you remember the glory days of SNL, when they used semi-foul language and off-color jokes, you remember Rosanne Rosannadanna and what she and her mother used to say: ‘If it’s not one thing it’s another’.   […]

Lou Altman on Entrpreneurship

GlobaFone CEO Lou Altman was recently quoted for an online article, ’30 Start Up Founders Share Their Entrepreneurship Advice’. His advice? Become the leader in one aspect of your industry.  Read the Article HERE

The Funny Thing about Winter

If you are anywhere in the northeast, you probably want to hit me for suggesting there is anything remotely funny about this winter. 80 inches of snow, below zero temperatures, the wind, the MBTA problems in Boston… Enough you say – bring on Spring!!! Yeah, yeah, we’ll get there. In the meantime since we are […]

“There is no such thing as luck”

Star Wars fans know this quote. Non Star Wars fans: Obi-Wan Kenobi says this to Hans Solo after Luke uses his light saber to block the sparring orb’s shots while wearing a helmet with the blast shield down. The quote is actually prefaced with, ‘In my experience…’ That adds a different dimension. There may be […]

How To Choose The Right Satellite Phone

GlobaFone’s CEO Lou Altman provides education on the networks, phones and capabilities to help you select the right satellite phone for your organization. You have two options: Recorded May 29th 2014 Listen To The Webinar Now